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Intellectual Property

and New Technologies

Protection, exploitation and defence of:

  • Trademarks and other distinctive signs (business, trade and corporate names)

  • Designs

  • Copyright and related rights

  • Patents

  • Software

  • Databases

  • Labels of Origin and Geographical Indications

  • Domain names

  • Websites

Commercial Law

Drafting and updating:

  • Terms and conditions of sale and purchase

  • Terms and conditions of use

  • Legal notices, personal data and e-commerce information

Preparation, performance and termination of:

  • Civil and commercial contracts

  • Service agreements

  • Mandate contracts

  • Commercial leases

​Commercial litigation (contractual and civil liability, directors’ liability…)


and Distribution

  • Unfair competition and parasitism (breach of non-compete clauses, customer poaching and canvassing, disparagement, protection of know-how, trade secrets and investments)

  • Restrictive practices (sudden termination of established business relations, clauses creating a significant imbalance or restricting competition)

  • Distribution networks (distribution and commercial agency agreements, brokerage and introduction
    of business)

Employment law

  • Drafting employment contracts (permanent, fixed-term, temporary)

  • Assisting with dismissal procedures

  • Arranging terminations by mutual consent and negotiated departures

  • Working time management

  • Assistance with wage negotiation

  • Organising the status of corporate officers and directors (corporate appointments and any concurrent holding of employment contracts)

  • Designing delegations of authority in companies, drafting delegations and job description


and dispute resolution

  • Alternative dispute resolution (compromise solutions, mediation)

  • Litigation before civil, commercial and criminal courts and employment tribunals

  • Urgent proceedings (summary proceedings)

  • Pre-litigation procedures, preparing evidence before proceedings

  • Intellectual property proceedings before the National Institute of Industrial Property (opposition,
    nullity, revocation)

  • Customs proceedings in cases of infringement

Consumer law

  • Product conformity and quality

  • Inspections by the French Trading Standards Authority (DDPP)

  • Reviewing documents and pre-contract information

  • Misleading practices

  • Advertising regulations

Consumer law
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